Family Guns

July 2014

Bringing History to Life

3.0 35 x
Alex takes off time from the shop to engage in a WWI reenactment.

A Family Business

3.0 57 x
Father and son run one of the largest antique gun suppliers in the world, based out of New Jersey.

Does Susie Have A Sister?

3.0 94 x
Alex takes aim with a Remington 700 named Susie.
March 2013

Chris's Friends

3.0 40 x
Alex meets up with some of Chris's friends to see if his Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle is up to par.

Cowboy Ready

3.0 35 x
Alex must "Cowboy-up" at the 3-Bar Ranch as he introduces IMA to the Single-Action Shooting Club.

The Big Sale

3.0 34 x
Alex heads to Florida to make his biggest sale yet, but it comes with a stipulation.

Dueling Pistols

3.0 28 x
After a bet made by Christian and Alex, the two square up with antique flintlock pistols that just might blow up in their hands.