Family Tree

June 2015

Episode 1: The Box

3.0 41 x
Series Premiere. Unemployed and unattached, Tom Chadwick is surprised when he's bequeathed an old chest of curios by a great-aunt. An old photo in the box yields some very intriguing and revealing information about one of Tom's ancestors. Meanwhile, his old school friend Pete tries to get Tom's love life back on track by s...

Episode 2: Treading the Boards

3.0 31 x
An unforeseen aspect of Tom's great-grandfather Harry's life leads Tom and Pete to England. They meet an old woman who remembers him from when she was a child. Their investigation takes them to a theater, where he and Pete learn more than they ever wanted to know about Harry's life. It also results in he and Pete entering ...

Episode 3: The Austerity Games

3.0 20 x
Tom starts digging deeper into the life of his grandfather William, who he suspects might have competed in the 1948 London 'Austerity Games,' a far cry from those of 2012. Tom visits his great-aunt Victoria's friend Mildred, who is able to shed some light on why Victoria left Tom the chest of family curios. Bea and Monk pe...

Episode 4: Country Life

3.0 34 x
Tom learns the secret that separated two Chadwick brothers, and connects with his American kin. Tom, Bea, Keith, Luba and Monk drive up to the Derbyshire farm owned by their cousins from the North. Meanwhile, Pete has to perform a delicate procedure on an alpaca at the zoo. Pete's life-affirming mission at the zoo proves t...

Episode 5: Welcome to America

3.0 23 x
Tom arrives in Los Angeles to stay with his American cousins, Al and Kitty Chadwick, and to try and discover why his great-great-grandfather Charles left for England more than a hundred years ago. Al has invited two other cousins--Rick, who also lives in California, and Dave, who's on a road trip from North Carolina--to a ...

Episode 6: Civil War

3.0 26 x
Tom's cousin Rick, an American Civil War enthusiast, helps Tom find out more about his great-great-grandfather. A car accident leads Tom to meet a beautiful aspiring writer, Ally Keele, and the attraction appears to be mutual. Tom gamely participates in a Civil War re-enactment. Mid-battle, he gets some news from England.

Episode 7: Indians

3.0 15 x
Tom rents a classic convertible car and meets Ally for lunch, where they get to know each other a little better. Bea and Pete arrive to share Tom's last two weeks in America. With the help of an American Indian chief and shaman, Tom investigates his Native-American roots. A phone call from Mr. Pfister in London, who has To...

Episode 8: Cowboys

3.0 77 x
Season One Finale. On their last day in California, Bea, Monk and Pete hit the beach while Tom meets a cousin whose grandfather was a famous silent-movie cowboy star called Tumbleweed Tim. Later, Monk goes missing at the beach; Al and Kitty throw a farewell party for Tom--which leads to the discovery of some dark secrets.....