Film School Shorts


She Isn't Here

3.0 4 x
A woman attempts to overcome her severe anxiety.

Hard Candy

3.0 3 x
An animated noir film that follows a mysterious mission through Oakland.
Episodes 2017

S4 Ep2: "Busted On Brigham Lane"

3.0 7 x
A young teenage girl takes precariously creative measures to reconcile her relationship with her estranged father for her 18th birthday, only to discover that he is a different man than she remembers.

S4 Ep7: "First Date"

3.0 9 x
Two women retreat to their office restroom to recap a disastrous date, unaware that that someone else is listening in. Directed by Janella Lacson.

"Kendall Got A Rose"

3.0 3 x
Many people love to hate reality TV, but for Pablo and Marie, the newest episode of The Bachelor provides the perfect opportunity for the couple to reconnect despite their busy, disparate lives. Directed by Luke Haskard.

"Googly Eyes"

3.0 6 x
Breakups are hard. They're even harder when you have a small, unidentified object stuck in your ear. When Gary's ex, Suzy, pops in to collect her things, Gary's minor medical crisis prompts him to re-evaluate his failed love life. Directed by Simon Savelyev.


4.0 7 x
Overcome by his loneliness, James is ready to give up on the world, until the day a woman arrives like a flash of color into his life. Through her, he could once again find happiness and purpose — but will this be everlasting or yet another false hope in his dreary life? Directed by Brandon Lake.
Episodes 2016

“Aspirations” | Season 4, Episode 5

4.0 13 x
At a beach, in the snow, and underwater, stop-motion short Bottle details a transoceanic conversation. Directed by Kirsten Lepore. In Glory Days, Jack, a recovering alcoholic and divorced father of two, has to look after his kids on New Year’s weekend. Directed by Benjamin Rutkowski. Léa chronicles the life of a delusional...

“Daily Grind” | Season 4, Episode 4

4.0 11 x
Stephen Singer plays a sock merchant in Socks & Bonds. Directed by Daniel Zimbler. Then, an animation directed by Sean Buckelew of life in the law offices of Hopkins & Delaney, LLP. In Butterfingers, every marriage has its moments, and this wife can’t listen to another word from her husband about work. Directed by Milan Ro...

“Behind Closed Doors” | Season 4, Episode 9

4.0 6 x
In Busted on Brigham Lane, a young girl gets creative as she attempts to convince her estranged father to attend her 18th birthday celebration. Directed by Talibah Newman. Followed by Expiration Date, where fridge foods come to life to fight a zombie apocalypse. Directed by Sarah Tejeda.