Firing Line

January 2021

Mary Frances Berry And Douglas Brinkley

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Historians Mary Frances Berry and Douglas Brinkley discuss the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Joe Manchin

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Joe Manchin discusses the Capitol attack and the second impeachment of President Trump.

Michael Osterholm

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Michael Osterholm says new strains of Covid have darkened his prognosis for the pandemic.

Albert Bourla

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CEO Albert Bourla discusses Pfizer’s eight-month race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
December 2020

Bakari Sellers

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Activist, attorney and author Bakari Sellers discusses the Black Lives Matter movement.

Neil Gorsuch

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Neil Gorsuch discusses his judicial philosophy and the breakdown of civility in America.

Val Demings

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Val Demings discusses the SCOTUS vacancy, police reform, & Florida’s role in the election.

Bob Costas

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Legendary sportscaster Bob Costas breaks down the intersection of sports and COVID-19.

Melinda Gates

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Philanthropist Melinda Gates discusses COVID-19’s toll on women.
November 2020

Ted Olson & David Boies

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David Boies and Ted Olson discuss Trump’s allegations of voter fraud & refusal to concede.