Franklin & Bash

October 2014

Red or Black

Expired 3.0 22 x
Infeld is convinced he's going to die after a mysterious invitation beckons him to Las Vegas to confront his destiny. The boys and Dan Mundy follow him to the city of sin, and try to convince him that his death isn't supposed to happen, and that the whole thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but soon find their own futures hanging in the balance when they're arrested for cheating a casino out of thousands. Franklin & Bash must put Vegas itself on trial in order to win the day, which they do... ...

Spirits in the Material World

Expired 3.0 35 x
Jared convinces a frightened Peter to delve into "Haunted House Law" with hopes to save a recently retired couple from having to declare bankruptcy. The boys must prove a real estate giant knowingly deceived their clients, by hiding the fact that a grizzly death happened on the property. But it won't be easy, as the tycoon has hired a former prot�g� of theirs who knows all of their tricks (guest star Danielle Panabaker). After being thwarted at every turn, and forbidden to discuss "the paranorm...

Falcon's Nest

Expired 3.0 55 x
Franklin & Bash attempt to help their buddy Danny Dubois (guest star Michael Weaver) with an adult adoption in order to secure his residence in an age-restricted retirement community where he lives with his much older friend, and aging Adonis, The Falcon (guest star Barry Bostwick). But as the case unfolds it becomes clear to the guys that The Falcon is actually the one who needs to be adopted, and reigned in before one of his wild drinking binges ends up killing him. Karp and Anita join forces...
September 2014

Honor Thy Mother

Expired 3.0 64 x
Jared wakes up in bed next to Peter's mom (guest star Jane Seymour) equal parts thrilled and horrified that he's slept with his best friend's mom. Peter finds out about it and things get awkward, but the guys must quickly put aside their differences on the issue to save their beloved diner after it's been shut down and is in the process of being bought out by a competitor. Also, Pindar (guest star Kumail Nanjiani) returns from his travels abroad and informs the guys he's engaged...but is his fi...

Dance the Night Away

Expired 3.0 65 x
Peter's mom (guest star Jane Seymour) brings the boys the tantalizingly touching case of an injured stripper. Realizing they're going to have to think outside the box to help the beautiful ladies of Kandy's, they do the Franklin & Bashiest maneuver to date, and help the strippers of Los Angeles unionize. The guys' old nemesis Damien Karp rejoins the firm, and Peter exchanges his legal services for the lavish title of Duke in lieu of pay, culminating in a gala at which Jared drunkenly makes a pa...

Deep Throat

Expired 3.0 94 x
Peter and Jared tackle journalist shield law when they agree to defend a high school newspaper reporter accused of running a smear campaign against another student. Winning this one is especially important to Peter because the mother of the young journalist is an old High School flame who got away. Meanwhile, Jared and Swattello are required to fill out HR forms detailing the nature of their professional relationship and Infeld sues a dry cleaner over a pair of extremely overpriced pants.

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Expired 3.0 83 x
Peter and Jared become the targets of a dirty cop while helping a client win back his beachfront property from a greedy land developer. Concerned for their safety, the boys turn to Peter's old flame Officer Wendy McQuiag (guest star Kat Foster) to help expose the corruption and keep them out of trouble until they can win the case. Meanwhile, a newly reinstated Stanton Infeld competes with his nephew Karp, now at a rival firm, for high-powered piece of business.
August 2014

Love Is the Drug

Expired 3.0 50 x
A driver who works for a crowd-sourced taxi service is accused of stealing celebrity handbags with the help of one of his passengers. Peter and Jared have their work cut out for them when it's revealed the passenger used a fake identity to book the rides, and left their client to take the fall. The guys must find the mystery girl and convince her to confess, but when they do, they discover the driver's crush on her is so debilitating, it's almost clinical, giving them no choice but to put his n...

Kershaw v. Lincecum

Expired 3.0 66 x
The firm's newest attorney, Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks), takes point on a seemingly simple divorce case, but when it's revealed that the plaintiff is married to a plastic surgeon who's been subletting at the firm (guest star Willie Garson), Peter and Jared step in to ensure they don't lose the much needed revenue stream. The guys must now win the case by proving the surgeon cheated on her.with her. Also, a promise to score tickets to a highly anticipated baseball game sends the boys calling in ...

The Curse of Hor-Aha

Expired 3.0 89 x
Four months after the arrest of Stanton Infeld, Peter and Jared find themselves in charge of the newly renamed Infeld, Daniels, Franklin & Bash. Enter Mason Trawley (guest star Kevin Christy) an archaeologist who believes he's been unfairly locked out of a storage unit containing many treasured artifacts, among which is the death mask of Egyptian Pharaoh Hor-Aha.