Girl Code

September 2015

Hot Friend, Beards, Pampering Yourself

3.0 82 x
The cast dishes on the good, bad and ugly of having a hot friend. And, who doesn’t love pampering themselves or a man with a good beard?

Pooping, Playing the Field, Interviewing

3.0 110 x
We all do it. The girls are talking about poop. Also, insider tips on playing the field and acing interviews!

Pussy Power, Slut Shaming, Gay Bestie

3.0 120 x
The ladies explain the meaning of P-Power. Plus there’s no shame in our game. We’re talking about slut shaming and having a gay best friend.
November 2014

Ep. 12 Self Expression

3.0 32 x
The girls are discussing self expression.
October 2014

Ep. 9 Humor

3.0 27 x
Are girls funny? You bet! Find out as the cast breaks down humor.

Ep. 7 Girl Power

3.0 30 x
From being girly to dissecting feminism, the 'Girl Code' ladies break down girl power.
March 2014

Ep. 15 Being Sick, Haters, Camel Toes

3.0 185 x
The ladies talk being sick, haters, and camel toes on this week's Girl Code.

Ep. 14 Turning 21, Your Friend's Boyfriend, Clothes

3.0 35 x
The Codemasters dish on turning 21, your friends' boyfriend, and clothes.
January 2014

Ep. 10 Kissing, Being Scared, Snacking

3.0 60 x
The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about kissing, being scared, and snacking.
December 2013

Ep. 7 Boyfriend's Exes, Astrology, Babies

3.0 70 x
The 'Girl Code' ladies talk about boyfriend's exes, astrology, and babies.