God Friended Me

November 2018

The Prodigal Son

4.0 4 x
Miles is forced to face uncomfortable truths about his family when the God Account points him toward his Uncle Terrance (Malik Yoba). Also, Cara's father (Michael Vartan) pays her a visit, and he discovers that she's reconnected with her mom who left them when she was a child. (TV-PG L)

A House Divided

4.0 6 x
Miles is sent a friend suggestion for a cab driver who is opposed to his daughter marrying outside their faith. Also, Miles enrolls in a marketing class to help him promote his podcast. (TV-PG)
October 2018


3.0 3 x
The 'God' account unfriends Miles after he's reluctant to act on the latest friend suggestion, a young woman who is dealing with emotional trauma following the death of her sister. Also, Cara reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, Eli (Kyle Harris); Jaya (Shazi Raja) stuns Rakesh with some news; and Arthur is uncomfortable when...

Error Code 1.61

3.0 2 x
Suggestions from the God Account lead Miles and Cara to the Hayden Planetarium, where they meet a young woman, Fliss (Annaleigh Ashford), who is searching for her old boyfriend who may have been 'the one.' Also, Rakesh and Jaya look into a tour guide at the planetarium who Rakesh thinks may be connected to the God Account,...

Heavenly Taco Truck

4.0 2 x
Miles' wallet is stolen when he, Rakesh and Cara check out a food truck the God Account suggests that he 'like.' But when the account then suggests that he befriend a private investigator, Miles decides to turn the tables and have the PI help him track down the thief, who Miles believes is linked to the account. (TV-PG L)

The Good Samaritan

4.0 6 x
Miles gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a satellite radio company wants to put his podcast on the air, and the God Account suggests that he befriend a single mother. Also, Cara tries to build a relationship with her estranged mom, and Rakesh is crushed when he spots Jaya on a date. (TV-PG L)
September 2018

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4.0 10 x
Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall), an outspoken atheist podcaster, finds his life turned upside down when he receives a friend request from 'God' on social media and unwittingly becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him. (TV-PG L)