Gold Rush

October 2020

Season 11, Episode 102 - The Legend of Porcupine Creek

4.0 1 x
Parker Schnabel, Dave Turin and Fred Hurt reveal their gold mining origins and how a small remote corner of Southeast Alaska changed their destinies.

Season 11, Episode 1 - The Perfect Storm

4.0 1 x
As gold prices spike to record highs and the cost of fuel plummets, Parker, Rick and Tony race to take advantage of the perfect conditions. But after the worldwide lockdown delayed the start of the season, there's less time than ever to cash in.

Season 11, Episode 101 - Confessions of a Record-Breaking Season

4.0 6 x
A crisis in the Klondike sends Parker, Rick and Tony in new directions. Parker breaks a major record mining his own ground. Tony abandons his dredges and moves his entire operation to the Hill. Rick gambles to find massive nuggets in Keno.
June 2020

Season 10, Episode 122 - Shutdown, But Not Out

4.0 25 x
As gold prices hit record highs, Parker, Rick, and Tony are poised to have their biggest gold hauls ever. But a global pandemic may end their seasons before they even begin. With an economy on the brink of collapse, each man must forge a new path.
May 2020

Season 10, Episode 121 - The Dirt: Breaking News

4.0 9 x
Rick reveals major progress about his mining season and gold room ace Karla gives an exclusive look at her quarantine. Boat captains from Bering Sea Gold and All on The Line discuss their season. Brennan and Mitch give an update on Parker's operation

Season 10, Episode 120 - The Dirt: Where Are They Now?

3.0 3 x
The mine bosses and a couple mystery guests join The Dirt and reveal new details and insight on the 10 seasons of Gold Rush.

Season 10, Episode 119 - The Road to 70 Million

4.0 8 x
Parker, Todd, Tony and Rick battle the elements, equipment meltdowns and each other to pull in a staggering $70 million in gold.

Season 10, Episode 118 - Parker on the Move

4.0 7 x
Parker shocks with a major update about his mining plans, and the Trail Crew joins with new insights from their journey. Rick and Kruse explain their success ice racing and Mitch and family check in. Bering Sea Gold captains discuss the new season.

Season 10, Episode 117 - Aussie Gold Strike

4.0 9 x
As Parker's team takes stock of the gold they've found on their epic eight week expedition across Australia, Parker must decide on his own plans for a future, and how the right ground in the Outback might extend his mining season year-round.

Season 10, Episode 116 - Gold Rush: Rick's Rally

3.0 17 x
To save his mining future and rebuild his team, Rick Ness reunites his crew for a new mission: soup up an old UTV and compete in a 500-mile race across a frozen lake. When the guys are together, he learns that one of them won't be going back.