Good Morning America

January 2019

GMA 01/18/19: More Kids Separated from Parents at Border: Report

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Mom finds out her foster baby is her adopted son's sister; How to re-create Meghan Markle's iconic looks for less

GMA 01/17/19: Gymnast Reacts to Viral Floor Routine, Body Shaming

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How one mom turned grief into action; Harley Pasternak's tips to transform your body in just 5 minutes a day

GMA 01/16/19: American Among 14 Killed At Kenya Hotel

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New documentary goes behind the scenes of Fyre festival; Spinning circle of ice leaves Maine residents perplexed

GMA 01/15/19: 'Sully' Reunites With Passengers 10 Years After Miracle Landing

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Congressman denied committee assignments over racially charged comments; American automakers bring iconic, long-gone models back to life

GMA 01/14/19: Airport Security Checkpoints Close Amid Shutdown

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Captain Sully speaks out 10 years after 'Miracle on the Hudson'; Michael B. Jordan surprises high school students in his hometown

GMA 01/13/19: Winter Storm Slams Mid-Atlantic States

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Sarah Thomas set to become the 1st woman to officiate an NFL playoff game; Eddie Murphy confirms a sequel to comedy hit 'Coming to America'

GMA 01/12/19: Longest Government Shutdown in History Hits 22-Day Mark

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New PSA compares sugary drinks to cigarettes; Lin-Manuel Miranda performs his Broadway smash hit 'Hamilton' in Puerto Rico

GMA 01/11/19: Bus Driver Hailed As Hero for Rescuing Baby

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Missing teen found alive months after parents murdered; R. Kelly's lawyer threatens lawsuit for 'defamation'

GMA 01/10/19: US Agencies Overwhelmed at Border Spot Trump Plans to Visit

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Looking back at Linda Tripp's relationship with Monica Lewinsky; Bryan Cranston reveals 'Seinfeld' secrets 25 years after his iconic debut

GMA 01/09/19: Manafort Shared Polling Data with Ex-Russian Agent: Feds

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Officials ask alleged R. Kelly victims to come forward; Following Oscars controversy, Kevin Hart speaks out on 'GMA'