Guy Court


Ep. 405 Las Vegas/California/Arizona

2.8 245 x
**Episode Returns December 27**Rap star Machine Gun Kelly is on trial for tricking his boys into watching his sex tapes. Plus, are you a 'Guy Code' offender if you call "dibs" but don't follow through?

Ep. 10, Ep. 110

3.7 230 x
When does hooking up in your boy's car become a 'Guy Code' violation? Plus, a guy defends his right to seek fame on social media sites.

Ep. 9, Ep. 109

3.0 123 x
Is it breaking 'Guy Code' to steal a girl's number out of your boy's phone? Plus, one roommate hoards all the toilet paper and one friend who literally dragged another away from a hook up is brought to court.

Ep. 8, Ep. 108

2.0 152 x
Is taking non-stop selfies at the gym breaking 'Guy Code?' Then, a guy that loves to get mani-pedi's every week, and another who repeatedly texted his girl during a Madden tournament.

Ep. 7, Ep. 107

3.0 186 x
Is being addicted to porn mean you're breaking 'Guy Code?' Plus, find out if running your mouth too much means you're in violation.
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