November 2014

Ep. 7 Leave of Absence

3.0 29 x
Will and Lucy consider the true nature of their relationship. A Chandler family friend holds a super fan wedding at the park, but an unexpected guest throws a wrench in Elena and James' budding romance.

Ep. 6 Disorderly Conduct

3.0 16 x
Noah make weekend plans to visit his college, but Elena forbids it. Meanwhile Will and Ian bond over their shared suspicion that Noah might not be the prince charming he's claiming to be.
October 2014

Ep. 5 Repeated Infractions

3.0 22 x
Lucy and Noah's first night out becomes an unwelcome double date when they run into Ian and Harper.

Ep. 1 Pilot

4.0 64 x
James Chandler, president of Happyland moves back to the theme park with his family in tow. Lucy is on a quest to get away from the park's manufactured happiness and be part of something real. Elena reveals a secret to Lucy.