Health + Happiness With Mayo Clinic

August 2018

Best of "Does a Body Good"

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From the power of pets, to simple ideas to get you moving, to healthy food swaps, Viv and Joy show you how to get smart about what does a body good.
July 2018

Best of Nutrition

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Joy and Viv share their best tips for eating right, including how to snack smarter and spot hidden salt and sugars, and who should go gluten-free.

The 3-Minute Moisturizing Window

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Viv discovers the magic three-minute window for moisturizing, learns what happens when we sprain an ankle, and shares five ways to get your daily steps; Joy has a skin-sational smoothie recipe and shares whether to buy fresh or frozen veggies.

Positive Pet Benefits

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Joy explains why pets can lead to better health for our loved ones, and she transforms a gooey favorite into a healthier decadent treat; Viv finds out whether cracking your knuckles does any damage and shares five tips for smarter supermarket shopping.

Should I Go Gluten-Free?

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Viv learns who should go gluten-free, reveals whether you should clean your ears, and shares five important nutrients to build a better body; Joy presents a great gluten-free grain and suggests three ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Concussion Risks on the Water

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Viv explains how concussions occur on the water, demonstrates how to stay safe in the sun and shows how to check your moles; Joy explores whether greasy foods cause acne and shares four foods that provide everything you need for a healthy complexion.
June 2018

Can Emojis Help Patients and Doctors?

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Viv learns how emojis are helping doctors and patients, explains why you should avoid "vocal fry," and gives tips for better sleep. Joy has home remedies to soothe a sore throat, and she whips up healthy apple cobbler oatmeal and a vanilla milkshake.

The ABC's of Staying Safe from Ticks

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Joy explores how milk is produced, makes healthier "fried" chicken, and gives tips to avoid sugar found in soda. Viv explains how to stay safe from ticks, tells how to hunt for hidden sugars, and shares her tips for safer picnics.
May 2018

Don't Get Beat by the Heat

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Viv shares the signs of a heat-related emergency and suggests how to make happiness a habit. Joy demonstrates how to make a quick breakfast, introduces foods to help beat the heat, and makes a heart-healthy hero.
April 2018

Puppy Kisses - Good or Bad?

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Joy explores ways kids benefit from pets in the home; clarifies whether ketchup should be kept in the fridge; and demonstrates creative ways to use your ice cube tray. Viv learns whether puppy licks make you sick and shows how to decode expiration dates.