Hell's Kitchen


Break on Through

4.0 5 x
Tensions escalate while the six remaining chefs meet with Ramsay to talk about their next three extensive challenges that will ultimately result in the elimination of one chef and leave five chefs in the running for the coveted black jacket.

Devilish Desserts

Expired 3.0 3 x
The remaining seven chefs face a dinner service for pastry chef Valerie Gordon, who will harshly judge each team's dessert, but poor communication results in kitchen chaos and one dramatic elimination before the next round.

Poor Trev

Expired 3.0 4 x
With only four chefs per team, they must prepare to cook for a charity dinner service in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Waterkeeper Alliance featuring Italian food, but one team's performance forces Gordon to get involved.
Episodes 2018

What Happens in Vegas

Expired 4.0 1 x
The nine remaining chefs are challenged to make authentic Chinese dishes, which are to be judged by chef Shirley Chung; tensions escalate during dinner service as one team has difficulties with teamwork and causes several errors.

One Hell of a Party

Expired 3.0 8 x
The top 10 chefs are challenged to create a special dish as a part of a Sweet 16 birthday celebration for Tilly, Gordon's daughter.

Last Chef Standing

Expired 3.0 2 x
While chefs are challenged to serve five "staple" dishes, one chef is removed from each team at certain intervals until the final chef finishes all dishes; the teams are taken aback by an unexpected alteration to the dining service.

Rookies vs. Veterans

Expired 4.0 0 x
Eight former "Hell's Kitchen" contestants face against eight ambitious new cooks for a life-changing prize to work as an Executive Chef.

Hot Potato

Expired 3.0 1 x
The chefs are challenged to create a delicious, restaurant-quality dish that features potato as they key component; tensions escalate and the pressure becomes too much for one of the chefs to handle, which leads to a chaotic dinner service.

Fish Out Of Water

Expired 3.0 3 x
Musician Stephan Moccio greets the contestants as each team must prepare halibut in seven different ways for chef David LeFevre; dinner service poses a great challenge for both teams as poor communication results on one contestant's elimination.

Hell Freezes Over

Expired 3.0 7 x
The chefs are given winter jackets before they compete in a sled race to get an advantage in their next challenge, where they will make winter soups.