History Detectives


HDSI - Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

3.0 64 x
Notorious teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared without a trace in 1975. Was he murdered? If so, who pulled the trigger and why? Watch as the History Detectives tackle this famous cold case.

HDSI - Texas Servant Girl Murders

3.0 124 x
Before Jack the Ripper, a serial killer walked the streets of Austin, Texas. Can modern forensics help the History Detectives crack the case?

HDSI - The Disappearance of Glenn Miller

3.0 81 x
In 1944, bandleader Glenn Miller boarded a plane for Paris and was never seen or heard from again. Can the History Detectives find out what happened?

Special Investigations Preview

3.0 55 x
The detectives are back with a new mission: Solving the biggest mysteries in American history! History Detectives Special Investigations premieres Tuesday, July 1 at 9/8c on PBS.
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