Don't Ever Change

4.0 3 x
A bride collapses during her Hasidic Jewish wedding, but her husband isn't a fan of House's bedside manner. House deals with the shock brought on when he discovers who Wilson's girlfriend is.


4.0 3 x
House and his team must diagnose an ailing researcher by webcam, as she's iced in at an Antarctic research base with a limited amount of resources.

It's a Wonderful Lie

3.0 3 x
A mother's paralysis during an indoor rock-climbing incident leaves her daughter injured, and House's new team looks for a cure. Meanwhile, House organizes his recruits' Secret Santa exchange.


3.0 3 x
Under Cuddy's pressure to choose his team, House gives the candidates the case of a rock star who is a drug user. Whoever diagnoses the patient will have a future as a member of House's team.

You Don't Want To Know

4.0 3 x
House treats a magician who had a heart attack during an illusion. House doesn't like magicians and figures the guy screwed up, but the tests prove otherwise.
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