House of Anubis


Episode 20: House of Eclipse

3.0 130 x
As the eclipse approaches, will Eddie, KT and Fabian get to their friends in time to stop the ceremony? Jerome has a near miss when Joy sends Mara and Willow an incriminating email revealing his secret.

House of Eyes/House of Agendas

3.0 106 x
Patricia persuades Mara to help her steal Joy's file from Mr Sweet's office, instigating a bag search by Victor, meanwhile Jerome sets up a phony date between Alfie and Amber, in which amber expects to be met by Mick.

House of Secrets/House of Attitude

3.5 191 x
New student Nina, arrives from America at Anubis House – a spooky old boarding school that is to be her home for the next few years. She meets her housemates and tries her best to settle in, but one of the students, Joy, has mysteriously disappeared.

House of the Black Bird/House of Dares

3.0 93 x
Nina's new life gets even stranger when she meets a crazy old lady in the grounds of the school, who claims to have once lived at Anubis House. She gives Nina a pendant and tells her there's treasure in the house.

House of Emergency/House of Reunion

3.0 117 x
Jerome enlists Fabian's help to rescue a shaken and traumatized Alfie from the cellar.

House of Hush/House of Spies/House of Sting/House of Never/House of Forever

3.0 219 x
Amber receives her first invitation to the prom- a message on her profile from "King Tut."

House of Keys/House of Discovery

3.0 82 x
After looking up the hieroglyphic symbols from the back of the old painting, Fabian and Nina manage to crack the code leading them to the staircase where they break open the 8th step to find the next clue.

House of Numbers/House of Scares

3.0 94 x
After pressure from Mick's Dad, Victor is forced to remove the cameras and re-instate Trudy.

House of Reunion/House of Memories

3.0 156 x
Victor announces that Alfie drank cleaning fluid.

House of Rumors/House of Intruders

3.0 165 x
Patricia sees someone hanging around on the school grounds and is freaked out, thinking it's a ghost. She confides in her Drama teacher, Jason who says he'll help her.