House of Food


Ep. 11 Two Down

2.8 117 x
The competition heats up as the cast competes in individualized interviews and signature dish preparation.

Ep. 8 Cater To The Crowd

3.0 112 x
The cast competes in a catering challenge for the LA Auto Show, and things get even worse between Suki, Amanda, and Will.

Ep. 2 Greasy Spoon

3.0 59 x
The cast moves into their new house, meet their new housemate, and have a diner challenge that they all underestimate. Drama goes down when Suki sees Harrison as her competition, and when Harrison moves too quickly with Lorena.

Ep. 1 The Launch

3.0 54 x
Eight untrained chefs begin their journey of competing to win an apprenticeship with the best chefs in LA. They have their first cooking lesson, their first challenge, and their first bout of drama within the house.