In An Instant

April 2015

The Shootout

3.0 46 x
Florida police officer Pete Soulis had no way of knowing that the suspicious guy in the parking lot was likely a killer on the run. When the ex-con took aim at him, Pete found himself in one of the most epic gun battles a cop has ever survived.

Buried Alive

3.0 85 x
A man is trapped when a shelf collapses, burying him beneath several feet of rotten corn.
March 2015

Bad Guys at the Good Guys

3.0 127 x
A group of gunmen holds employees and shoppers hostage at an electronics store.

Left for Dead

Expired 3.0 210 x
A woman is beaten unconscious and left in a garbage bin by her abusive ex-husband.

Grizzly Bear Attack

3.0 247 x
A man protects his daughter when a grizzly bear attacks the two during a celebratory hike.

Rush Hour Disaster

Expired 2.5 139 x
In 2007, an interstate bridge holding hundreds of people in Minneapolis gives way.

Flying Blind

Expired 3.0 193 x
A family survives a plane crash that killed two in the Alaskan wilderness.