Inside Amy Schumer

June 2016

Exclusive - Amy Goes Deep with a Climate Change Skeptic

3.0 120 x
Amy attempts to reach a compromise with a man who doesn't fully buy into the idea of climate change.

The Inside Amy Schumer Reunion

3.0 45 x
The stars of Inside Amy Schumer sit down with Andy Cohen to settle some scores.

Exclusive - The Law Firm of Shrak & Murphy

3.0 376 x
One injury lies squarely outside a personal injury attorney's skill set.

Amy's Pussy Obsession

3.0 45 x
The tension between Amy and Kim erupts over a fan's letter.

S Writers Room - Male Writers

3.0 31 x
The male writers brainstorm ideas for a female audience.


3.0 53 x
The live studio audience turns against Amy in the middle of a sitcom taping.

Mobile C

3.0 84 x
The director of a phone company commercial lays some intense demands on one of the actors.

Bridget Everett - Eat It, Eat It

3.0 132 x
Bridget Everett really wants someone to go down on her.


3.0 79 x
Amy's ob-gyn can't bring herself to say the V-word.

Down to Earth

3.0 54 x
On her new show, Amy makes it clear that she's still one of the common folk.