Jay Leno's Garage


Movie Cars

4.0 5 x
The movie car is finally the star of the show! Jamie Foxx shows Jay that he’s no baby driver when it comes to stunts.

Getting Away

3.0 2 x
This episode is all about getting away...in every sense of the word. Guests include Johnny Rotten and Michael Mann

Living the Dream

3.0 3 x
Jay Leno sets out to fulfil automotive dreams! He catches up with comedian pal Bill Burr and much more.

More Power

3.0 2 x
In this episode, Jay chases down some of the most powerful vehicles around!

Closed Roads

3.0 6 x
Jay Leno takes us where very few have gone before: the closed road.

Any Which Way But Gas

3.0 12 x
Jay Leno explores the most exciting alternatives to standard fuel. Guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In Harm's Way

4.0 3 x
Jay Leno explores the various reasons people may put themselves, and their vehicles, in harm’s way.
Episodes 2017

The Next Generation

3.0 9 x
Jay Leno hits the road to examine the next generation of all things automotive.

The Car My Father Drove

3.0 16 x
Jay pays tribute to our fathers and the cars they drove. First, he hangs out with NASCAR's ultimate father-and-son team.

Keys to Happiness

4.0 16 x
Jay joins his car-loving friends to explore the different reasons why cars make them so happy.