Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

November 2019

Season 3, Episode 13 - Snooki Goes to Washington, Pt. 2

3.0 1 x
The ladies gang up on Vinny after they return from Washington, D.C., the guys plan an elaborate prank, and the roomies get an update about Mike's release from jail.

Season 3, Episode 12 - Snooki Goes to Washington

4.0 1 x
After Lauren tells the gang that Mike's release from prison is being delayed, the ladies head to the White House to ask for help, while the guys let loose in Jenni's new home.

Season 3, Episode 14 - 10 Fist-Pumping Years

4.0 0 x
To celebrate 10 years of Jersey Shore, the roommates look back at their on-camera hookups, legendary catchphrases, brutal takedowns and drunk spiraling.
October 2019

Season 3, Episode 11 - Last Night Is Cancelled

3.0 0 x
The housemates spend a day at the boardwalk as tensions linger between Angelina, Jenni and Nicole, and the boys try to have a good time without Mike.

Season 3, Episode 10 - 4 Fists. 2 Bottles. 1 Shore House.

3.0 10 x
Fingers are pointed, piercings are questioned, and wine bottles are at risk when Nicole and Ronnie get drawn into Jenni and Angelina's feud as Deena tries to play peacekeeper.

Season 3, Episode 9 - Holy Drama

3.0 23 x
Pauly celebrates the end of Vinny's Chippendales residency with a feast, and looming drama between Jenni and Angelina threatens to upend the baptism for Deena's son CJ.

Season 3, Episode 8 - Millennials

3.0 48 x
Deena has an encounter with a judgmental bar patron, and Angelina is bothered when Jenni's new boyfriend pries into her sex life.

Season 3, Episode 7 - The Incident at the Strip Club

4.0 20 x
The roomies don't know what to expect when Ronnie finds out Jenn joined them at the strip club, and Jenni's boyfriend arrives in Las Vegas.
September 2019

Season 3, Episode 6 - Strippendales

4.0 14 x
Jenni tries to uncover the truth about Ronnie and Jenn, Pauly plans an epic prank, and Vinny makes his Chippendales debut in front of his roommates and mother.

Season 3, Episode 5 - Tick. Tick. Tick.

4.0 40 x
Vinny prepares for his big stripping debut, Ronnie's constant texting leads everyone to suspect trouble at home, and the group gets some good news from Mike in prison.