Jobs That Don't Suck

June 2014

Ep. 108 Sex In The Workplace

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Today, we're introducing you to jobs where having sex in the workplace is totally normal.
May 2014

Ep. 107 Comedic Careers

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Today, we're introducing you to people with comedic careers, where a sense of humor can pay the bills.

106 Crime Pays

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Today, we're going to prove that crime pays with some barely legal jobs that you can profit from.

105 Jobs That Take Balls

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Today we're all about jobs that take balls where putting your life at risk and cheating death can earn you big bucks.

104 Gross Profits

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Today we're all about jobs with gross profits where you can make mega bucks, but need a strong stomach to handle them.
April 2014

103 Best Jobs For Meeting Women

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For most guys, the goal is to get a job that impresses the ladies, but today, you're about to discover some killer careers where meeting women is part of the job.

102 The Bro-Fessionals

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Today we're introducing you to some of the manliest jobs out there, where getting in touch with your feminine side will get you fired.

101 The Music Industry

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Rappers and pop stars aren't the only ones making it in music, so today, we're introducing you to people who found their dream jobs in the music industry.