Johnny Test


Johnny Vs The Dukenator/Johnny's Petting Zoo Posse

3.0 73 x
Johnny and Dukey use the girls' remote controlled i-Collar to get into Porkbelly's dog spa. The owner of the spa gets control of the i-Collar and turns Dukey against Johnny! Then Johnny and Dukey are turned into petting zoo animals.

Future Johnny

3.0 52 x
Future Johnny of the TV-show Johnny Test was broadcast by Cartoon Network on Wednesday 14 May 2014 at 1:50PM.

Future Johnny

3.0 48 x
Johnny is paid a visit by a future version of himself who has traveled back in time to give him helpful hints for the future.

Johnny With A Chance Of Meatloaf

4.0 33 x
Dad's gone Meatloaf mad and the kids plot to put a stop to his meatloaf making. But when they unleash a giant Meatloaf Monster they end up in the food fight of their lives!

How To Train Your Johnny/Johnny And Clyde

3.0 42 x
How to Train Your Johnny: Susan and Mary accidentally erase all of Johnny's memories when they try to help him forget the dreaded Cleaning Song. Now they have to restore Johnny's memory in time for Dad's Cleaning Day feast.

The Frankenjohnny/Johnny Express

3.0 46 x
FrankenJohnny: An accident with the girls' particle accelorator causes Johnny and Bling Bling to fall apart, literally! The Johnny Express: The girls ask Johnny to deliver their very important science project to the Institute.

Johnny's 100Th Episode/Johnny's Next Episode

3.0 36 x
Johnny's 100th Episode: It's Johnny's 100th Episode, and he's fallen into a fairy tale sleep from which can't be woken. Susan, Mary, and Dukey enlist the help of everyone to try and help wake Johnny up before its too late! Johnny's Next Episode: Bling Bl

Super Johnny Action Federation

3.0 26 x
Super Johnny Action Federation of the TV-show Johnny Test was broadcast by Cartoon Network on Wednesday 12 March 2014 at 3:11PM.

Super Johnny Action Federation

3.0 32 x
The gang uses the girls' Super Chamber to give them Super Hero powers and battle it out to see who is the best super hero of them all.

Johnny's Junky Trunk

3.0 25 x
Dad donates Johnny's toys to charity without telling him. Nobody comes between a kid and his toys! Now Johnny has to get them back.