Journey with Dylan Dreyer


Mysteries of the Nile

4.0 2 x
Dylan joins a team of scientists, photographers and thrill seekers as they attempt to navigate the entire length of the Nile River.

Volcanoes of the Deep

3.0 4 x
Dylan embarks on an adventure over two miles below the waves, aboard a deep-sea submarine - all in search of ancient species and mysterious fossils.

Life on the Serengeti

4.0 13 x
Dylan ventures to the heart of Africa for a spectacle few humans have ever seen. We'll witness the great herds of Africa as they travel more than 500 miles across the Serengeti plains.

Land Down Under

3.0 13 x
Dylan explores Australia, comes face-to-face with an amazing collection of animals found nowhere else on Earth and learns about the challenges facing the continent's unique ecosystem.

Ultimate Wave Tahiti

3.0 6 x
Dylan ventures to a French Polynesian paradise on a quest for the perfect wave-riding experience, visiting astounding coral reefs and enjoying a world-famous surf site.
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