Journey with Dylan Dreyer


People of the World

3.0 6 x
Dylan experiences some of the most unique and fascinating cultures on the planet, including the River People of the Amazon Basin, the Nepali people of the Great Plains of Asia and more.

Ocean Oasis

3.0 3 x
Dylan visits the coastline of Baja California to witness the awesome power of nature and the amazing wildlife struggling to survive in a harsh land.

Adrenaline Rush

4.0 1 x
Dylan meets up with professional thrill-seekers who enjoy the ultimate rush of skydiving, the dangerous sport of base-jumping and more.


4.0 2 x
Dylan explores the frozen, forgotten continent of Antarctica, along with its incredible wildlife - which survives in the most extreme environment on Earth.

Space Junk

4.0 6 x
Dylan learns about the growing junkyard orbiting our planet, which presents a threat to space travel and satellite communication.
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