Kroll Show


The Kroll Show of Show-Kroll

3.0 51 x
How many different ways can you say "Kroll Show"?


3.0 47 x
A police officer whose body has been modified with high-tech gadgets solves crimes in Albuquerque.

A Moment with Senor Feeture

3.0 106 x
Music producer Senor Feeture explains why he lives on a green screen set.

The Realists Prepare to Party

3.0 36 x
A group of anarchist hackers prepare to crash a gathering of the Illuminati.

C-Czar - Toilet Dad

3.0 44 x
Judge Levenstein sends C-Czar and Liz to Ron Funches for couples counseling.


3.0 56 x
Larry Bird offers to help his stoner teammate Bill Walton get his bartending license.

Bobby Bottleservice - The Competition Begins

3.0 108 x
Bobby and the rest of the "Gigolo House" gang have trouble comprehending the rules of a new game.

Dead Girl Town - A New Case

3.0 110 x
Detective Logan of the Glendon Trail PD meets his new partner.
Episodes 2014

The Final Season

3.0 45 x
Kroll Show Season 3 brings the Kroll universe to its epic conclusion January 13.

C-Czar - A Good Villain

3.0 105 x
A chance encounter with Liz's niece Denise makes C-Czar reconsider his carefree lifestyle.