Kurt Metzger: White Precious

July 2014

Kurt Metzger - Fighting for a Cab Pt. 3

3.0 78 x
Hearing yourself described to the police is an upsetting experience.

Kurt Metzger - Rolling Stone Cover

3.0 120 x
A recent act of terrorism blew Kurt Metzger's mind.

Kurt Metzger - God Sees Everything

3.0 241 x
Same-sex marriage makes Kurt Metzger a little nervous.

Kurt Metzger - Heckled by the Captain

3.0 84 x
Kurt Metzger can't afford to have a type.

Kurt Metzger - Two Towels

3.0 91 x
Kurt Metzger reveals why it's important to own different colored towels.

Kurt Metzger - How the Economy Works

3.0 295 x
Kurt Metzger reveals what's really going on with the economy.

Kurt Metzger - Original Treatment for Childhood Autism

3.0 74 x
Kurt Metzger does not always agree with his mother.

Kurt Metzger - The Worst Curse Word

3.0 109 x
If a word is also a nickname for somebody, it can't be that bad.

Uncensored - Comedy Central Re-Animated - Kurt Metzger - Child Beauty Pageants

3.0 253 x
Kurt Metzger will never apologize for not being a pedophile.