July 2016

Ep 107

3.0 25 x
MTV's cast of lady comedians challenge gender norms with hidden camera pranks. Megan plays mind games with guys, thanks to their girlfriends. Nicole and Blair bro out at the gym. Blair and Jade swim upstream with their phones.

Ep 108

3.0 45 x
MTV's cast of lady comedians challenge gender norms with hidden camera pranks in NYC. Shannon and Blair help brides-to-be prank their moms. Megan goes speed dating. Nicole and Blair become power-crazy nightclub bouncers.


3.0 24 x
Blair has a different take on chivalry. Nicole has a shocking answer to a public proposal. Jade and Anna-Lee go to extreme lengths to squeeze into jeans.


3.0 124 x
Nicole and Jade undress guys with their eyes. Special guest Carly Aquilino gets greedy with selfies. Blair hits up a barbershop for a hot shave.


3.0 25 x
Today Nicole and Megan do product research for a new line of toys for boys. Anna-Lee and Nicole struggle to get things done with wet nails. Our ladies convince men in Times Square to show them their goods.
June 2016

EP 103

3.0 35 x
Today the girls invade personal space by sniffing random dudes in Central Park. The cast snoops through each other's most scandalous text messages. Matteo attempts the worst parking job in history. Blair has a big surprise in store for her blind date.

EP 102

3.0 23 x
Today the cast petitions to prevent guys from pleasuring themselves. Anna-Lee assumes the role of jerk on a date. Blair decides it's time for women to take their space back. Nicole and Megan give average men the red-carpet treatment.