Law & Order: SVU



3.0 1 x
As serial killer Matthew Brodus awaits his imminent execution in three days, Detective Stabler races against time to determine if the convicted man also murdered and raped another victim.


4.0 3 x
Detective Stabler learns from his wife that her friend, a nurse at a local hospital, treated a young rape victim who refused to report the crime to the authorities or her family.


4.0 9 x
Members of an unorthodox therapy group complicate a serial rape case.


4.0 2 x
The discovery of a raped and murdered woman near her car forces Detectives Benson and Fin to become partners to determine both the motive for the crime.


4.0 5 x
The discovery of a man and woman stabbed during a seemingly romantic park rendezvous leaves Detectives Benson and Stabler with the gruesome job of identifying the victims.
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