Legends of Chima

April 2014

Episode of Monday 21 April 2014

3.0 52 x
Episode of Monday 21 April 2014 of the TV-show Legends of Chima was broadcast by Cartoon Network on Monday 21 April 2014 at 4:21AM.

This May Sting A Bit

3.0 34 x
In the Scorpion Cave, Laval has been separated from his friends and must overcome his greatest fear to rescue the Lion Legend Beast...or will it rescue him? Meanwhile, his friends battle the Scorpions, Bats and Spiders and face their biggest challenge yet...the fate of CHIMA will be decided today.

Tooth Or Consequence

3.0 24 x
Tooth Or Consequence of the TV-show Legends of Chima was broadcast by Cartoon Network on Saturday 12 April 2014 at 11:19AM.

The Eagle And The Bear

3.0 58 x
The Scorpions and Spiders have set up a tricky trap, and the heroes must free the Legend Beast Eagle and the Bear in one daring effort. Hopefully Lavertus and his Helicopter are helping out. But the Scorpions and Spiders have new vehicles of their own .
March 2014

The Legend Thief

3.0 62 x
Things have starting go missing heroes' outpost. It turns out that The Legend Beast Raven have been stealing Golden CHI for a tribe of menacing Scorpions. Laval must convince the exiled Lion Lavertus to join them in their fight - by defeating him in a Sp

A Tangled Web

3.0 43 x
Tangled Web, A: The heroes of CHIMA learn that the Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beasts are being help captive by a Tribe of creepy Spiders. They must come up with a clever plan to defeat this massive threat. But why is Rogon behaving so strangely?!?

Into The Outlands

3.0 33 x
In the Outlands the heroes learn the disturbing truth about the stolen CHI and the missing Legend Beasts. They must battle both the savage carnivorous Outland plants and the mysterious black cloud, but hey also meet an enigmatic ally.
December 2013

For Chima!

3.0 40 x
For Chima! of the TV-show Legends of Chima was broadcast by Cartoon Network on Thursday 5 December 2013 at 4:43AM.

For Chima!

3.0 58 x
The CHI falls of Mt. Cavora are still not running. The Black Cloud still looms. The battle for the CHI is on. The Lion Temple is under attack and it is only a matter of time before is will be overrun by Crocodiles, Wolves, Ravens and Rhinos. Only Laval believes in a peaceful solution ... but it is a long shot.
November 2013

Chima Falls

3.0 43 x
The CHI falls have run dry. Eris and the Beavers try to get to mount Cavora to learn why. The Crocodiles blame the Lions and are rallying the Wolves, Ravens and even Rhinos for a large scale attack to conquer the remaining CHI ... the greatest battle is imminent.