Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family


Ep. 208 Fear Factor

2.0 136 x
Mac surprises the Most Dope fam with a Hawaii dream vacation, but with one catch--they each have to face their biggest fears in paradise.

Ep. 207 Park City Dreamin'

3.0 144 x
Mac and his fam take a private jet to Park City to ball on the Utah Jazz court, snowboard, and cure Clock's inverted nipple problem.

Ep. 206 Xmas in LA

3.0 131 x
Mac and his fam spend their first holiday together--but will Mac be able to pull off the Most Dope Christmas ever?

Ep. 205 The Dogfather

4.0 132 x
Mac adopts two puppies and pits his pals against each other in a citywide scavenger hunt to become "dogfather."

Ep. 204 48 Hours In Paris

3.0 251 x
Mac bets Chelsea that he'll finish his crazy Paris bucket list-or be her assistant for the day.

Ep. 203 Key to the City

3.0 307 x
Mac gets the first ever key to his hometown Pittsburgh, but will his nerves over returning to his old high ruin the moment?

Ep. 202 No FOMO

4.6 449 x
Can Mac cure his friends of their social media addiction with a cell-phone free camping weekend...or will Mac fall victim to FOMO?

Ep. 201 Dope Dublin

2.8 582 x
Mac opens for Lil Wayne and finds his Irish roots, but will his Dublin hijinks jeopardize the biggest show of his career?