September 2014

Ep. 26 Fashion Mogul

3.0 30 x
Louis Reyes wants to take his small tee shirt business and make it a full on fashion line to make a better life for he and his daughter.

Ep. 6 Weight Loss

3.0 48 x
After battling cancer, college undergrad Alex, gets help from Real World and Challenges star Diem Brown as he tries to lose weight and walk the runway in his university's fashion show.

Ep. 17 Prom Queen

3.0 111 x
Sarah Rose is tired of feeling like a wallflower. She's hoping to blossom by being MADE into her school's Prom Queen.
October 2013

Ep. 20 Singer

3.0 65 x
Performance-fearing high school student gets inspired by Hot Chelle Rae to be MADE into a singer.

Ep. 8 Cheerleader

3.0 58 x
16 year old, theater nerd Mandy can't seem to get over her boy drama to focus on her goal of being MADE into a varsity cheerleader.