Make It Pop


Summer Splash

3.0 161 x
Summer Splash of the TV-show Make It Pop was broadcast by Nick on Sunday 21 August 2016 at 4:15AM.

S2, Ep 18: Im-Prom-Tu

3.0 152 x
The teens worry about missing prom and an unforeseen issue puts a strain on Sun Hi and Linc. Jared spies on Corki and Alex.

S2, Ep 19: Looking for Trouble

3.0 92 x
XO-IQ prepares for an important performance. Linc reveals his summer plans to Sun Hi, and Caleb and Jodi deal with a big problem.

S2, Ep 20: Really? It’s Over?

3.0 113 x
Romantic tensions mount as the band receives an offer that could change their lives.

S2, Ep 17: Excess Baggage

3.0 205 x
The Band Blast bus has mechanical trouble. Sun Hi and Linc search for cell service, while Jodi and Corki organize the group.

Staged and Confused

3.0 131 x
Sun Hi deals with a major distraction, while Jodi and Caleb discover a rival band stealing an XO-IQ song. Corki is frustrated by Jared’s crazy behavior.

Band Blast Off

3.0 159 x
The Band Blast judges pair rival bands for a “band duet” challenge, but the off-stage hijinks put their on-stage careers in jeopardy.

S2, Ep 14: Reality Bites

3.0 125 x
When the kids arrive at their Band Blast hotel, they are interviewed by Stefan, a producer with his own agenda.

Get on the Bus!

3.0 88 x
XO-IQ and Linc’s band run into problems getting to Band Blast. Meanwhile, Corki and Jared practice having a long-distance relationship after he graduates.


3.0 113 x
Mr. Stark becomes XO-IQ’s band mentor. Meanwhile, Caleb and Heather hatch a plan to make Jodi jealous. Corki recruits Band Blast roadies.