Marshal Law: Texas


Club Killer

3.0 105 x
A cold case suddenly turns hot as Deputy Drury pursues a suspect in a nightclub shooting. Heading out to the sticks, DUSM Shanna Rodgers takes the lead for the first time while following an elusive meth addict. And Detective Stewart holds nothing back in apprehending a violent thug.
Episodes 2013


3.0 83 x
A hitman shoots his ex-girlfriend, making things unexpectedly personal for DUSM Pellegrin. Detective Troy "Thor" Stewart plays bad cop to catch a violent meth dealer, while rookie DUSM Shanna Rodgers heads out to assist on her first big hit.

Fifty Stabs

3.0 146 x
To track down a wanted gang member, DUSM Natalie Garza decides to make things personal. DUSM Juers assists in the case of a teen on the run after stabbing his mentor 50 times, while DUSM Max Pi�on pays an early morning visit to a woman who threw acid in

Home Invaders

3.0 86 x
Two becomes four when Deputy Crain tries to track down a violent home invasion gang. Meanwhile, Deputy Drury and DUSM Dave Juers join forces in a hunt that leads them across the city. And a chance encounter gives DUSM Pellegrin a lucky break.

Terror in the 'Burbs

3.0 83 x
A suburban strip-mall shooter with a history of running from the law leads Deputies James Drury and David Crain to call all hands on deck. DUSM Pellegrin intervenes when a church love triangle turns violent, while DUSM Natalie Garza is hot on the trail of a gang member wanted for stabbing a woman over a taco.

The Hunt Begins

3.0 77 x
The Hunt Begins of the TV-show Marshal Law: Texas was broadcast by TNT on Saturday 30 November 2013 at 8:00AM.

The Hunt Begins

3.0 33 x
A deadly shooting spree puts the whole task force to the test in a race against the clock. Meanwhile, DUSM Spencer Pellegrin assists on a mission to catch a violent thief of unusual size, while Max Pi�on searches for a murderer in a drug-deal-gone-bad.