April 2017

Home Fires, Season 2: Episode 1

Expired 4.0 112 x
It’s June 1940, and Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion. Pat strikes up a friendship with a Czech soldier stationed nearby. Sarah receives some shocking news about Adam, but her sorrow is overshadowed by a tragedy for Frances.
March 2017

To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters

Expired 3.0 54 x
Learn the extraordinary story of how, against all odds, the famous literary trio had their genius for writing romantic novels recognized in a male-dominated 19th-century world.

Victoria, Season 1: Young England (Episode 7)

Expired 4.0 52 x
On the verge of delivering her first child, Victoria spurns advice and ventures among her subjects, attracting the devoted and demented alike. Miss Skerrett and Francatelli reach their decisive moment.
February 2017

Victoria, Season 1: The Engine Of Change (Episode 6)

Expired 4.0 32 x
With a child on the way, Victoria must choose a regent in case she dies during childbirth. The Tory party disputes her choice, but she and Albert turn the tables with the aid of the latest in 19th-century technology.

Victoria, Season 1: The Queen’S Husband (Episode 5)

Expired 4.0 43 x
At loose ends in a foreign land, Albert finds a noble cause. Victoria gets her way at court and resorts to a folk cure in the bedroom. Francatelli does Miss Skerrett a favor — for a price.

Victoria, Season 1: An Ordinary Woman (Episode 4)

Expired 3.0 93 x
Courtship at court leads to second thoughts and other complications. Will Victoria and Albert take the fateful step into matrimony? And will the queen promise “to obey” her foreign prince?
January 2017

Victoria, Season 1: The Clockwork Prince (Episode 3)

Expired 3.0 63 x
Albert pays a visit against the queen’s wishes and meets royal disdain. Where could it possibly lead? Meanwhile, the mystery of Miss Skerrett’s past deepens.

Victoria, Season 1: Brocket Hall ...

3.0 90 x
Facing rioters and suitors, Victoria grows into her royal role. As she ponders marriage, her friendship with Lord Melbourne grows more complex.

Sherlock, Season 4: The Final Pro...

3.0 23 x
In this episode, written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, long-buried secrets catch up with the Baker Street duo. Someone has been playing a long game indeed and Sherlock and Watson face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?

Victoria, Season 1: Doll 123 (Episode 1)

4.7 312 x
As a new queen, the young Victoria struggles to take charge amid plots to manipulate her. Her friendship with the prime minister leads to a crisis in Parliament. The seven-episode drama follows Victoria (Jenna Coleman) the age of 18, when she became queen, through her relationship with Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell), and he...