Max & Shred

August 2015

The Perfect Layback Life

3.0 308 x
After Max wins a huge snowboard race he leaves Blizzard Springs to go on tour – and it’s up to Alvin, Abby and Howie to bring him back home.
July 2015

The Slopestyle Syrup Slob

3.0 144 x
Max’s crazy cousin Ozzy comes to town, but his outdoorsy lifestyle turns out to be too much for the Ackermans. Diane teaches Abby to drive.
January 2015

The Switch Inward Love Flip

3.2 325 x
Max happily dates a fellow snowboarder, Melanie, until he realizes he’s dating a female version of himself. Abby and Lloyd bond as they try to capture a mythical Ice Gryphon.

The Chill Bro Lipslide

3.8 330 x
When Alvin is overwhelmed with work Max convinces him to take a sick day. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Diane have a hard time coping with Abby and Joey's breakup.

The Goofy Tamedog Air

2.0 311 x
When Max’s dog, Boardwax, shows up in Blizzard Springs Alvin goes to extreme measures to hide his allergies. After failing at her first attempt at improv, Abby turns to Kaylee for help

Boardercross Bionic Boost

4.0 338 x
Howie enlists Alvin as her assistant for a youth science fair competition and takes things too far. Max and Abby must stop Diane and Lloyd’s table tennis addiction.

The Backside Family Eggflip

3.0 223 x
Max is homesick so Alvin, Howie and Abby try to cheer him up by throwing him the best birthday party ever.

The Buttery Bad Luck Streak

3.0 238 x
Max and the gang's trip to Switzerland for a major race gets foiled when his arch nemesis, Yud Nuuderuud, blackmails them. Howie builds Lloyd a high-tech home security system.

The Joey Huckfest Prankpipe

3.0 187 x
Shred discovers the joy of pranking but takes things too far. Meanwhile, Diane schemes to get a possum out of the house and Lloyd tries being the "bad cop" parent.

The Blindside Scoutmaster Disaster

3.0 449 x
Max and Shred are left in charge of the Junior Porcupines and are each determined to take the scouts on the best camping trip ever. Abby gets an unusual job at the Yogurt Yeti.