June 2014

Bruce & Fab (Ep 107)

3.0 63 x
Tom unintentionally gets in a fight; Jessica shows Liv and Maya a racy picture of Ron.

Bruce & Jessica (Ep 103)

3.0 65 x
Thinking she is easy prey, Bruce goes after Jessica, a single mother from New Jersey.

Cal & Kacey (Ep 104)

3.0 32 x
Hopeless romantics Kacey and Cal think they are soul mates; Liv keeps breaking the rules.

Fab & Jessica & Dominic (Ep 105)

3.0 65 x
Jessica and Fab compete for Dominic; Tom wants to make a move on Maya.

Jessica & Ron (Ep 108)

3.0 82 x
Jessica regrets having sent Ron a naked picture; Bruce meets a woman who is into redheads.

Liv & Ron (Ep 102)

3.0 30 x
The night continues at Mix, as Liv, always a good girl, runs into Ron, a charming cad having the worst night of his life. Meanwhile, Jessica runs into her frenemy, Fab.

Tom & Maya (Ep 101)

3.0 57 x
Recently dumped Tom is out on the town with his best friends, and they're throwing him back into the dating pool whether he likes it or not. Tom’s first encounter is with Maya, an attorney who’s as beautiful as she is brutal.

Tom & Maya Part II (Ep 106)

3.0 45 x
Things are going well for Tom and Maya, until Tom's ex shows up; Liv asks for help flirting.
May 2014

Closing Time: The Season Finale

3.0 92 x
Closing Time: The Season Finale of the TV-show Mixology was broadcast by ABC on Thursday 22 May 2014 at 11:12AM.

Closing Time: The Season Finale (Ep 113)

3.0 61 x
Bruce and Cal explain the risks of taking Maya home to Tom; Bruce must make a decision.