Money Talks

May 2014

The Final Spin

3.0 194 x
After a big commission check, Steve gives a bonus each to his top 5 sales reps.

Gentlemen's Bets

3.0 135 x
It's Thanksgiving and the team at VIP is busier than ever.

Out to Pasture

3.0 227 x
Steve tries to decide what to do about Mike, a longtime friend and employee.
April 2014


2.3 287 x
With Paula out, the office is in chaos and Steve has to get it back on track.

Black Eye

3.0 116 x
It's VIP's busiest time of the year and everything that can go wrong, does.

Rookie Mistakes

2.0 89 x
Steve Stevens finds out if a new client is really the "whale" he claims to be.
March 2014

Make a Ton Spend a Ton

3.0 77 x
The stakes are high when a client comes to town to place his biggest wager yet.

Bookie Killer

3.5 152 x
Meet Steve Stevens, sports adviser and self-proclaimed "bookie killer."
October 2013

October 22, 2013

4.3 516 x
Go inside the high-stakes world of Steve Stevens, a Las Vegas sports handicapper.