My Name is Earl

September 2014

Cost Dad the Election

Expired 3.0 96 x
Earl sets out to mend his relationship with his father (Beau Bridges) by renominating him to run for mayor.

Stole Beer from a Golfer

Expired 3.0 79 x
When Earl tries to atone for something simple from his list, things get complicated and he ends up neglecting Randy.

Teacher Earl

Expired 3.0 66 x
Earl's old friend, Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi), gets out of prison and kidnaps Randy, hoping he will reveal where to find Earl's money.

Randy's Touchdown

Expired 3.0 54 x
Earl tries to amend for an unethical sports wager on a high-school game that deprived his brother Randy of a chance to score a touchdown.


Expired 3.0 76 x
An epiphany prompts a small-time crook to right the wrongs he has done in his life, beginning with a grade-schooler (Gregg Binkley) he teased.

Inside Probe, Part 2

Expired 3.0 119 x
How did the Crab Shack's owner disappear? Was it an alien abduction; a hundred-year-old feud; or could the victim's fetish videos be the answer? When the truth is revealed, everyone is shocked to find that the answer has been under their noses all along.??


Expired 3.0 62 x
Earl turns his karmic attentions on a reverend whom he aggrieved in the past. But forgiveness is fleeting when the religious figure finds out about Earl's many other misdeeds. Meanwhile, Joy is a blade runner: She hits Catalina with a riding mower.


Expired 3.0 51 x
Earl helps Randy find his first love, Pinky.

Chaz Dalton's Space Academy

Expired 3.0 75 x
Earl works on a list item that has to do with Chaz Dalton, his childhood hero. However, Chaz turns out to be somebody else.Meanwhile, Darnell tries to help Joy make friends using the internet and a site called "Buddybook".

Friends with Benefits

Expired 3.0 70 x
Earl visits Joy at her new Witness Protection location to return Mr. Turtle to Darnell, and stays to help her make new friends. Meanwhile, Randy makes a new "friend" while Earl is gone.