Nat Geo Travel


City of Adventure: San Diego

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With 70 miles of coastline, near perfect weather, and an exciting urban center, there’s always an adventure to be had in California’s first city.

Wild Russia: The Hidden Kingdom

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In Russia’s Far East, species find their last refuge in a wild place like no other.

Asheville By Design

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Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville has a history of craft and creativity, cool mountain air, and breathtaking attractions.

The Getaway: Zachary Levi in New Orleans

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Actor Zachary Levi samples the joys of New Orleans.

The Getaway: Ryan Kwanten in Los Angeles

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Actor Ryan Kwanten eats, drinks and surfs his way through Los Angeles.

Access 360° World Heritage: Mt. Fuji

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Once a spiritual journey, climbing Mount Fuji has become an adventure sport that annually attracts hundreds of thousands of people.

The Getaway: Eve in Kingston

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Grammy Award-winning artist Eve eats, drinks and performs her way through Kingston, Jamaica.

America's Wild Spaces: Secret Appalachia

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Much of the Appalachian Trail is close to major populations. Join National Geographic on a roller coaster ride of agonizing ascents and rewarding vistas.

South America Untamed

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South America is a continent of contradictions, born of fire and carved by the mighty Amazon river.

The Getaway: Chrissy Teigen in Bangkok

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Supermodel Chrissy Teigen gets in the ring for a few rounds of Muay Thai, eats at the number-one restaurant in Asia, and risks decapitation on a Tuk Tuk.