Nathan for You


The Hero

3.3 213 x
Nathan gives a man the opportunity of a lifetime on the season finale of Nathan For You.

Nail Salon Valet

3.0 183 x
Nathan's attempt to make a nail salon more convenient reveals an awkward truth about its customers.

Scientifically Proven Fun

3.0 181 x
Nathan plans to use science to show how fun he is.

A Fun Isolation Box

3.0 301 x
Nathan comes up with a way to make staying in a hotel more comfortable for parents.

Travel Agent

3.0 51 x
Nathan helps a travel agent expand her business to better serve her client base.

A Boundary-Pushing Theatrical Experience

3.0 60 x
A Pasadena bar becomes the setting for a provocative performance piece.

The "I Love You" Exercise

3.0 214 x
Two of the actors in Nathan's new play try to heighten the reality of their romantic scene.

Age Progression Specialist

3.0 184 x
An expert helps Nathan decide which young athletes are worthy of endorsement deals.

You Break It, You Buy It

3.0 50 x
Nathan persuades the owner of an antiques store to remain open 24 hours a day.

From Tub of Lard to Totally Ripped

3.0 53 x
Nathan hires a bodybuilder and a ghostwriter to help him create his new workout program.