Naturally, Danny Seo

November 2018

Eco-Friendly Ceramics

3.0 2 x
Danny Seo gives sustainable ceramics a spin at an eco-friendly pottery studio, combines cauliflower, coconut milk and yogurt for a creamy grits makeover, spins a crafty chair upgrade with leftover yarn, and finds new uses for old contacts cases.

Regenerative Farming

3.0 2 x
Danny Seo wades into a California rice paddy to learn about regenerative farming, makes brownies with a recipe featuring sweet potatoes and dates, dials into ideas for upgrading phone cases and chargers, and revives broken clay flower pots.

Handsome Cycle Safety

4.0 0 x
Danny Seo pedals through cycling safety with a Minneapolis bicycle builder, crisps up the ancient grain sorghum for a modern twist on egg breakfast, goes "on the clock" for a timely DIY project, and offers a cool tip for ironing away a waxy mishap.

Compassion Flower Power

3.0 3 x
Danny Seo digs into a garden project that sows seeds of kindness and compassion, swaps eggs for flaxseed in crispy, sweet banana-coconut pancakes, brightens up the look of plain lampshades, and upcycles cereal boxes into handy home organizers.
October 2018

Teenage Cookie Cart

4.0 6 x
Danny meets teen bakers enjoying sweet business success, stirs up a vitamin-packed green detoxifying soup, upgrades pet bowls from boring to beautiful, and solves fur ball problems.

The Herbivorous Butcher

3.0 5 x
Danny goes behind the scenes of a meatless butcher shop, creates an avocado-oat facial exfoliator, bakes up a new way to use old bread pans, and pairs mismatched socks with cool upcycling ideas.

Bee Condos and Tiny Gardens

3.0 4 x
Danny visits a small diner with big ideas about sustainability, mixes up a cauliflower-crust pizza, bakes a birthday treat to share with man’s best friend, and turns nail polish into a household problem-solver.

The Organic Aroma Buzz

4.0 3 x
Danny learns the science behind aromatic essential oils on a bee farm, mixes yeast into nutritional nachos, creates an upcycled desktop organizer, and turns eggshells into a natural kitchen cleaner.
May 2018

Don't Buy It, DIY It

Expired 3.0 9 x
In this special edition, Danny repurposes nature with crafty ideas and creates something fun and new by upcyling. Before you toss it away, reinvent it for another day.

Home Hacks

Expired 4.0 3 x
In this special edition, Danny shares simple solutions to annoying household problems, plus tips and ideas to make our lives a little bit easier and help save the planet while saving money.