Neal Brennan: Women And Black Dudes


Uncensored - Neal Brennan - Battlestar Galactica

3.0 125 x
Neal Brennan has no interest in watching 72 hours of television.

Uncensored - Neal Brennan - Mexicans Are the Hardest Working People on the Planet

3.0 24 x
Neal Brennan explains why Mexicans are needed in Europe.

Neal Brennan - Plan for Not Getting Pulled Over

3.0 66 x
Neal Brennan gives his friend some very simple directions to his house.

Neal Brennan - Sleep Issues

3.0 65 x
Neal Brennan envies how easily his black friends fall asleep.

Uncensored - Neal Brennan - Human Beings Are D**ks

3.0 59 x
Neal Brennan understands why texting and driving is illegal.
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