New Amsterdam


The Blues

4.0 4 x
Max continues to work to solve underlying problems within the hospital despite his struggles with treatment. Meanwhile, Reynolds makes the choice to do a costly surgery to determine an elusive diagnosis, and Bloom must face her personal demons head-on.

Anima Sola

3.0 8 x
Max and Frome question a respected doctor's fitness to work; Kapoor and Reynolds struggle to treat a blind woman's numerous health issues; and Bloom and Sharpe continue to clash even as they work together to diagnose a patient's mysterious symptoms.

A Seat at the Table

3.0 3 x
Reynolds confronts a difficult episode from his past; Max distracts himself from chemotherapy by taking on the case of a frequent-flyer patient; Frome helps a young man suffering from severe delusions; and Sharpe worries about Bloom's attempt to detox.

Six or Seven Minutes

3.0 17 x
As Max's life hangs in the balance, the doctors and staff rally to help him and support Georgia, but when Dean Fulton takes charge of the hospital, the team must fight to hold on to the legacy Max has created.
Episodes 2018

As Long as It Takes

4.0 9 x
The recipient of Max's sister's heart arrives at New Amsterdam just as Max convinces Sharpe to take a risk on his course of treatment; Frome works to help a trans patient; and Bloom grapples with a difficult conversation.

Three Dots

4.0 7 x
Max becomes overly invested in a patient's cancer treatment as his own comes to a crossroads; Reynolds celebrates his birthday with some help from the hospital; and Kapoor grapples with a case that hits close to home.

Domino Effect

4.0 4 x
Max struggles to prioritize his own health when a complicated domino transplant procedure threatens to go sideways; meanwhile, Bloom reevaluates her personal life, and Frome makes progress on a long-standing case.


4.0 5 x
Max faces the pressure of his first fundraising gala at the hospital; Frome struggles to break difficult news to his daughter; Bloom and Reynolds deal with the fallout of their argument; and Kapoor and Sharpe work to help a sick father and son.


4.0 8 x
A visiting journalist picks at the hospital's flaws while shadowing Max; Bloom and Reynolds have a major disagreement after Bloom makes a call against protocol; and Kapoor confronts issues from his past.


4.0 2 x
Max creates chaos when he volunteers New Amsterdam to take over for a short-staffed neighboring hospital; Frome has a crisis of conscience about the funding for a hospital garden; and an eager resident learns a secret about Bloom.