Nick News


Hello, I Must Be Going: 25 Years of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

4.0 86 x
This special will look back at the past 25 years and present the story of Nick News – why we thought news for kids was important, the guidelines we followed, and most importantly, what we learned from kids.

School Crime and Too Much Punishment

3.0 81 x
This special will examine the effectiveness of traditional methods of school punishment and also explore a new method known as restorative justice.

The Gift of Life

3.0 109 x
Every day thousands of kids wait for organ donations that will save their lives. This show will profile kid donors and recipients.

Under the Influence: Kids of Alcoholics

3.0 205 x
The US tops all countries in the number of alcoholics (there are estimated to be close to 13 million alcoholics in America). What's life like when one of your parents is an alcoholic?

What’s the Deal with Fracking?

3.0 84 x
This special will define hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and present both sides of a somewhat complicated issue to kids.

The Electronic Leash: Safety vs. Privacy

3.0 85 x
A look at the debate over kid-friendly wearable devices. In a world where there are more opportunities than ever for kids to get into dangerous situations online and out in the word, does a kid’s privacy count?

Black, White, and Brown V. Board of Education: A Return to Segregated Schools?

3.0 176 x
Even 60 years after the court ruling many black kids continue to lack equal access to high quality education. We will find kids fighting against the slide back into inequality and hear what they have to say to the rest of us.
Episodes 2014

Old School/New School

4.5 289 x
Public schools struggle with budget shortfalls, cuts to teachers and programs, and overcrowded classrooms. Many parents are now opting for homeschooling, online schools, and other types of “new schools” for their children.

The Border Kids

3.0 118 x
Currently there are as many Mexican immigrants leaving the US as there are entering, and they’re taking their American born kids with them. This special will explore what it’s like to be an American kid living in Mexico.

Now Hear This! What if You Were Deaf?

4.5 585 x
In this special, deaf kids will introduce us to their world; what it’s like to go to a concert and not hear the music, how hard it can be to make friends, and what it’s like to have a different language from your family.