March 2018

03/21/18: How Authorities Say They Found The Serial Austin Bomber

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'Roseanne' Cast on How the Show is More Relevant than Ever; 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' Trailer Shows a Different Side to Mister Rogers

03/20/18: Investigators on the Hunt for Serial Bomber Terrorizing Austin, Texas

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Women in Saudi Arabia to Gain New Opportunities with Changing Social Restrictions; Adorable Baby Elephant Rolls Around in the Mud with a Tourist

03/19/18: Couple in 'Gone Girl' Case Open Up About Night of Attack, Being Accused of Hoax

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'Midnight Sun' Star Bella Thorne on Showing the World Who She Really Is; This 'Sex and The City' Star is Running for Governor of New York

03/16/18: Unfriendly Skies: Dad, Toddler Kicked off of Flight, and Other Recent Airline Issues

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'Love, Simon' Cast, Director on Scene That Moved Cast and Crew to Tears; Trump Associate Felix Sater Reveals Covert Career as US Intel Asset

03/15/18: Face to Face

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Man Left in Alleyway as an Infant Searches for Birth Parents; After 53 Years, Brothers Meet Each Other for the First Time

03/14/18: Students Across the Country Rally in National School Walkouts to End Gun Violence

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How the TV Show 'Deception' Depicts Real Magic Tricks on Screen; 'Nightline' Co-Anchor Juju Chang and Team Take The ALS Pepper Challenge

03/13/18: Pennsylvania Special Election So Far Too Close To Project

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What The Team Behind HQ Trivia Thinks About Cheating And How They Plan To Make Money; Stephen Hawkins Dies At Age 76

03/12/18: What O.J. Simpson Said about Night of Ex-Wife's Murder

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Pilot survives helicopter crash in NYC river that killed all 5 passengers; Actress Michelle Rodriguez on her spiritual journey and lucid dreaming.

03/09/18: Ex-Officer Charged in Assault of Alleged Jaywalker

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'Blue Planet' Captures The Fascinating Behaviors of Underwater Creatures; Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Others Who Got Their Start on 'American Idol'

03/08/18: Woman's Affair Turns into Nightmare of Cyber-Stalking

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Woman's Affair Turns into Nightmare of Cyber-Stalking; Man Accused of Cyber-Harassing Woman Says He Didn't Get a Fair Trial