Nikki & Sara LIVE


Ep. 12, Ep. 12

3.0 42 x
Nikki & Sara cover pop culture news, play the ultimate celeb Touching Game, get trapped in a haunted house, and interview Johnny Knoxville!

Ep. 11, Ep. 11

3.0 47 x
Nikki & Sara recap the season premiere of 'Awkward,' interview Ashley Rickards and Justin Long, play Fun, Fun, Real, and cover the newest celeb headlines.

Ep. 10, Ep. 10

3.0 50 x
Nikki and Sara recap celeb news, introduce their latest product, play a game with Rebel Wilson, and interview Daniel Radcliffe!

Ep. 9, Ep. 9

3.0 45 x
Nikki & Sara cover pop culture news, interview comedian Grace Helbig, and meet their favorite superstar, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!