Nitro Circus Live


Ep. 408 Scotland/Amsterdam

3.0 34 x
The 'Nitro Circus Live' show gets a surprise performance from Danny MacAskill, the famous Scottish mountain bike rider and action sports legend.

Ep. 407 England

3.0 46 x
The Nitro Circus Live tour takes Britain by storm, going all out with six shows in six nights!

Ep. 406 Scandinavia

3.0 35 x
The Nitro Circus Live tour hits Scandinavia and immerses themselves in true Nordic culture by trying their hand at some extreme sports not found in the US.

Ep. 405 Las Vegas/California/Arizona

3.0 18 x
The Nitro Circus crew hits the West Coast! In Las Vegas, "Streetbike" Tommy bares all and strips down with Thunder Down Under.

Ep. 404 Cleveland/Salt Lake City

3.0 40 x
Things turn south when Travis Pastrana suffers a serious injury in Cleveland's live show.

Ep. 403 Canada/Detroit

3.0 33 x
Nitro Circus goes to Canada for the first time and Jolene Van Vugt gets to perform in front of her home audience in Ontario.

Ep. 402 Philadelphia/Pastranaland

3.0 56 x
In Philadelphia, Crum and Sheeny receive old school boxing lessons and remake the iconic training montage scene from the film "Rocky."

Ep. 401 Boston/New York

3.0 72 x
The Nitro Circus Live tour performs for a U.S. crowd for the first time ever.

Ep. 308 St. Petersburg

3.0 88 x
The Nitro crew heads over to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they'll trade clothing with the locals and perform in front of a sold out crowd.

Ep. 307 Moscow

3.0 92 x
The crew travels to Russia for the first time where they'll be put to the test squeezing three shows into two days.