Secrets In The Scat Preview

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Join biologists on an ingenious hunt for the clues hidden in animal poop.
Episodes 2021

Universe Revealed Series Teaser

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Take a ringside seat as NOVA captures moments of high drama when the cosmos changed.

How Covid-19 And Climate Change Affect Breathing

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COVID insidiously impacts a man's lungs — giving him reasons to appreciate each breath.

The Science Of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

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Ever spotted a strange object in the sky?

Toxic “Forever Chemicals” Found In Americans' Blood

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Toxic “Forever Chemicals” Found In Americans' Blood of the TV-show Nova was broadcast by PBS on Tuesday 28 September 2021 at 1:32PM.

What Will It Take To Get Out Of This Pandemic?

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COVID-19​​ infection continues to spread rapidly across most of the world.

The Science Of Exercise—And Getting Back In The Game

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What happens to the bodies and minds of athletes when training is put on hold?

Can Humans Deflect An Asteroid?

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Asteroid impacts on Earth don't happen very often—but they do happen.

Preparing For The Pacific Northwest's Next Major Earthquake

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The Pacific Northwest is due for a major earthquake.

Ship That Changed The World

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As we excavate a 500-year-old wreck, learn the secrets behind history’s great ships.