Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave

October 2014

Ep. 130 World Series

3.0 34 x
Chris and Sway hit up World Series media day, Chris throws a tailgate party, and Melanie surprises fans with tickets.

Ep. 29, Ep. 129

3.0 22 x
Chris kicks it in Kansas City, jets out west to San Francisco, and then we look back at some great hits.

Ep. 128 David Eckstein

3.0 54 x
Chris kicks if off in St. Louis, the Royals buy the bar in Kansas City, and Todd Frazier gives back in Cincinnati.

Ep. 127 Austin Mahone

3.0 45 x
Pirates and Giants fans get loud at the wildcard game, Chris makes a pizza for Anthony Rizzo, and Austin Mahone rocks the Citi Field stage.
September 2014

Ep. 126 David Ross

3.0 20 x
Chris scores inside the Green Monster, David Ross gives a tour of Fenway Park, and we handout our postseason awards.

Ep. 125 Christian Yelich & Jarrod Saltalamacchia

3.0 93 x
A father and son team up to make history, Fat Joe hits up Houston with Bun B, and Chris hangs with the Marlins.

Ep. 124 Wil Myers

3.0 60 x
The Yankees salute the captain, we hit the field with Wil Myers, and Melanie chows down with Jason Kipnis.

Ep. 123 David Ross

3.0 33 x
Wil Myers shuffles with Chris, Melanie counts down some crazy minor league uniforms, and David Ross kicks it in the cave.

Ep. 122 Chris Johnson

3.0 50 x
Atlanta Braves, Chris Johnson, goes to left field, Chris Distefano hangs with Anthony Rizzo, and Melanie gets slimed.
August 2014

Ep. 121 Dexter Fowler & Jose Altuve

4.0 51 x
Chris tests fans on big league beards, Astros Dexter Fowler and Jose Altuve kick it in the cave, and Melanie takes us back to school.