Over the Garden Wall

November 2014

Chapter 9: Into The Unknown

3.0 30 x
The origin of Wirt and Greg's descent into the Unknown reveals itself.

Chapter 7: The Ringing Of The Bell

3.0 45 x
After unexpected darkness tears the gang apart, Wirt takes charge and meets Loma, a young woman forced to do housework by an odious witch with a magic bell. Can Wirt and Greg save Lorna, and themselves, from the wicked witch?

Chapter 5: Mad Love

3.0 38 x
Is millionaire Quincy Endicott's sprawling mansion haunted by a beautiful ghost, or is the tea baron going mad? Greg and Fred the Horse are on the case! Meanwhile, Wirt and Beatrice get trapped in an armoire while searching for loose change.

Chapter 3: Schooltown Follies

3.0 40 x
Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice get all mixed up in the musical antics of a schoolhouse of animals, a lovelorn teacher, a grouchy old benefactor, and an escaped gorilla.

Chapter 1: The Old Grist Mill

3.0 68 x
Lost in the mysterious woods of the Unknown, two brothers named Wirt and Gregory run into a jaded old woodsman who warns them to beware the terrifying Beast that roams the dark forest.